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Haunted House

October 6-9, 13-16, 20-23 & 27-31
6:30pm - 9:30pm
Admission $12

To satisfy the public’s thirst for highly entertaining scares, Alderney Landing presents “Fear the Darkness Haunted House”. Not for the faint at heart, this annual Haunted House is sure to scare even the tough guys! (Parental discretion advised)

Please Note:
Line up wait times can be 30 to 45 minutes and it can be cold. Warm clothing is recommended.

Alderney Landing’s Fear the Dark, Haunted House is taking extreme scares to the next level. Jill Babcock, said “the volunteers this year have been outstanding, with 35 to 50 plus volunteers each night, they are producing maximum frights”. Brent Crouse and Andy Babcock said, “the build of the Haunted House was a tighter time frame for turning out all new themes, which were masterminded by Brent, Andy, Shawn Fisher, with Captain Jill at the Helm. Bea MacGregor, Executive Director, Alderney Landing, is thrilled to have the talent of the crew, a core group of 22 people and the amazing help of Jane Brison, Volunteer Coordinator. Bea said, “Jill, has left no time in the house to take a deep breath”. Jane said,” the community really has come together, volunteers of all ages, including students from Dartmouth High, Prince Andrew, and Citadel High.” “Volunteers are having a blast”, said Jane. “The Volunteers keep coming back for more, it becomes addictive and rewarding to show people at great time”. Bea MacGregor said, “all the proceeds after expenses are covered, go toward all the Free Family Programming at Alderney Landing, such as The Christkindlmarket”. Last year Alderney Landing hosted and produced over 500 performances, openings and events at the Theatre, Market, Gallery, Events Plaza and the Park.

Jill Babcock said, “make sure you are part of this event, we are open this Thursday evening 6:30pm to 9:30pm until Halloween, Monday is our last night”. MacGregor said, “Brent Crouse did a wicked job building the “Witches Trick or Treat House”, “Monster Mini Putt” and “Buried Alive Ride”, not to be missed”. Tickets to all attractions are only $20 a person, or $12 to go through the “Fear The Darkness Haunted House”. - FEAR THE DARKNESS! - The Official Bluenose Ghosts Festival Website. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Produced by Alderney Landing.
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