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Volunteers Wanted!

Landing's Fear the Darkness Haunted house is looking for individuals who know their way around tools and would like to donate a few hours to the build. Believe it or not, they have already begun the exciting plans for this year, so their looking for help now. They hope to build their volunteer base for all things, including staging, acting and security. Send information to

If you're interested in becoming a volunteer for this year's Bluenose Ghosts Festival
click here to fill out a form.


Volunteer Role discriptions below.

For the past nine years, the Dartmouth Waterfront at Alderney Landing has been transformed into a haunting spectacle every October. Volunteers and workers spend hours preparing a festival full of historical and frightfully fun events to continue to preserve Dr. Helen Creighton’s work on local folklore and the supernatural. Each year this festival provides multiple youth volunteer opportunities, customized and engaging tours for education purposes and nearly 20 000 public attendees with a uniquely entertaining experience. All this is made possible by engaging the communities’ public and youth to help volunteer and support this festival.

Within this month-long festival there are engaging attractions for all ages, including the Witches House where children of all ages can enjoy the Halloween-themed games and treats. Volunteers assist patrons when playing games, selecting candy and ensuring that this is a enjoyable experience. The Buried Alive – The Ride is a unique experience where patrons can enjoy an unnerving Theatre of the Mind performance in a real coffin. Those who enjoy Halloween and history can ride to Geary Street Cemetery on a horse-drawn carriage to experience the Departure Cemetery Tour, where they use modern technology to learn about the past residents of the Dartmouth community. Volunteers engage patrons by guiding groups through the cemetery’s features, selecting specific people or details to delight and inform. This can be customized for school-related or educational tours as well, helping our communities’ students become discover historical facts and details about their local histories.

For the main attraction, and the most fearful adventurer, The Fear the Darkness Haunted House is central to the festival. Patrons tour through and around several buildings where many volunteers, dressed in costumes, masks and make-up, perform simple but fearsome tasks help to create fun-filled fright. This requires, time, volunteers, make-up, costumes, energy, creativity, support from community sponsors and other resources to make this spectacular festival possible.

Volunteer Role Descriptions

In-House Character
To stay in character and scare patrons as they go through the house. This role is physically demanding, exposed to loud noises, special effects, fog and screaming is required.

Ride Operator
To gather tickets at the door of attraction and manage the flow of traffic. Involves keeping count of users, crowd control and entertaining guests.

Individuals who know their way around tools and would like to donate a few hours to helping build.

Line Entertainer
To entertain/scare guests waiting in line to enter the attraction. Involves crowd control and being outgoing.

To guide guests with additional needs through the attractions safely. Requires experience working with children and people with various special needs. (Evening and Daytime Shifts Available)

Ticket Sellers
To sell tickets to attractions. Involves using point of purchase terminal, handling cash and math.

Volunteer Relief
To provide short-term relief to other volunteers for washroom/snack breaks and is also available to step in to any role as determined necessary by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Promo Team
To assist with street promotion of the festival including live tweeting from the event, passing out marketing materials, attending promotional events and other promotional needs.

Costume Assistant
To assist the Volunteer Coordinator in transforming volunteer actors into characters.

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator
To provide on-site support to the Volunteer Coordinator as needed to assist in providing a positive experience to Bluenose Ghosts Festival patrons. - FEAR THE DARKNESS! - The Official Bluenose Ghosts Festival Website. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Produced by Alderney Landing.
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